How is the Christoph Ritter-Client defined? Obviously feminine, obviously sexy but also obviously... in the face. In a Ritter-Dress you maybe won't care for irrelevant reasons but also not just about yourself. Or maybe sometimes but then at least the sustainable dress cares for the environment, kudos.

Let us whisk you forward in time to the year 2120. You find yourself in the middle of the dance floor at one of London’s most exclusive clubs. The lighting is low, but you can tell the club oozes opulence. As you meander your way off of the dancefloor through the people, you notice models, designers and socialites sipping on exquisite cocktails and champagne.
The DJ spins another track and the crowd hums in approval. This is clearly the IT place to be.

You prop yourself up at the swanky bar that is adorned in mirrors and crystal glasses. Behind the distant sound of chatter and glasses clinking, you can hear a group of socialites gossiping at the bar. “Who is that girl?”, “Is she wearing Christoph Ritter Studio?”, “Oh my GOSH! That must be the coat from his latest collection!”… You turn towards where the group of girls are pointing, to find a young woman head to toe in Christoph Ritter Studio. You can tell from the iconic silk shimmer and cosmic print.
As she leans elegantly over the bar, she opts for a slimline tonic with a twist of lime. But it’s not only her waistline she is saving. However glamorous she strives to be, she only does so conscientiously. Christoph Ritter Studio is as ecologically responsible, as it is socially. Any girl who opts for CRS knows that they are going for much more than just an item of clothing. They are a part of a revolutionary ethos and movement within the world of fashion. Sustainable glamour is so 2120 and this girl knows it.
Whether stumbling on the stairway or into a cab, any party girl can rest assured that she does so in style. Each garment in itself is a party trick, with cleverly designed zips that reveal look after look. The interactive element of the clothing is always a conversation starter, whether that be at the bar or in the bathrooms or...
Christoph Ritter Studio 2120 collection has been created with the woman of the future in mind. The woman of the future is not endlessly trying to impress others by buying a new dress every weekend from soulless designers. She thinks about the planet and her impact on the world, how to reduce her waste and optimise storage space. She is boldly fierce and not afraid to be herself or fit into any society prescribed boxes. She is herself and the clothes she wears tell the story she wants them to tell.
Shot at sketch, London, February 17, 2020 by Peter E. Reiche

Look into the Future -  Lucy Rowan/@lluceluce

Models - Ornella/@ornellagp, Cassia/@cassiadyer, Aliika/@aliika_Cleopatra

Videographer and Assistant to the Photographer - Aaron Nicholas/@imtheblondegrudge

Selected Photos originally published by OE Magazine Berlin, Editor - Lucy Rowan/@lluceluce
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